Cyrus lost in a year of crap looking to get back on track and find who i am. Have a read if you want no hate in all of this. Searching....


my blog will make you smile ♡


my blog will make you smile ♡

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First memory

I still look at the moon and think of the very first moment we shared together..
The first kiss under the moonlight as it reflected off the river, I looked into your eyes and you looked into mine. I sit here looking at the moon and all I see is that memory we shared that night. First kiss best memory. The moment I knew I was truly in love with you.
Forever in my heart.
First kiss, falling in love.
Miss you!

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Little things

It’s the little things I love.
It’s the little things I miss the most.
Your smile.
Your kiss.
Your laugh.
Your touch.
Your hug.
Watching you sip your cup of tea before you go to sleep.
The way you take up the whole bed so I was stuck on the smallest space possible.
The I love you text.
Waking up and kissing your forehead before I went to work.
The cute little gap in your front teeth.

I felt super human with you in my life.
I miss you I miss everything about you. I’m still so deep in love with you.
Forever in my heart.

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I just want to stop
depending on someone else
for my happiness.

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Been struggling the last few days… I am on a emotional roller coaster it’s heart vs mind. Love vs Heartache.. It’s all one big battle exploding inside of me… When will it stop?

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I hate having to uninstall the tumblr app from my phone every time I go out with my friends but it will be a thousand times worst if someone found out my tumblr.

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Every day is a battle against my self to txt you and ask how you are. To tell you what I feel, to see your face again. Everyday I tell myself just leave it and give her space. Be strong. It doesn’t get any easier.

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